We care for your Home All you have to do is list your house with us and our team will handle everything else. As we cater primarily to companies seeking long-term leases, we assure you that you are guaranteed to find desirable tenants who fit all your criteria. The corporate housing industry is now more in demand than ever as businesses are placing their expatriates exclusively to serviced apartments, as they are assured of the well-being and comfort of their assignees, as well as eliminating the problems associated with property that often occur in India.

In addition to solutions for Expats, there are solutions for homeowners and landlords who are either unable to find tenants for their homes or are fed up and afraid of putting their properties up for rent. Thus, we at Pick Right Stay are providing our partners/homeowners with a seamless way to find long-term tenants and an increase in rental income by listing and managing their properties. Get listed in 3 easy steps. We make listing and managing properties simple with just a few clicks; however, if you need assistance we can help you build your listings. 

Why choose Pick Right Stay ?

  1. Zero% hassle- From maintaining your apartment to taking care of the lease, everything is taken care of by our team. 
  2. Guided house visits- Interested tenants can receive a guided tour of your home by us. 
  3. No delays- We ensure Prompt rent every month without fail 
  4. Quality assurance- We handle all documentation for you, including drafting agreements and leases. 
  5. Exceptional maintenance- Maintaining the safety of your house is of utmost importance to us including regular disinfection of your house. 

We are available over a phone call, through our chat service, personal visit to help you register, list your property, complete the process and start renting

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